Hand Painted Eggs

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Whimsical and Custom Eggs

This page contains examples of some of the eggs that I have created and painted. Some of them are special order "portrait" eggs and others are whimsical "for fun" designs. I paint my subjects and designs in acrylic on solid wood eggs so that they are virtually unbreakable and should last forever. They are then given 3 to 4 coats of a high-gloss acrylic varnish. Because of their high-gloss finish most people think that they are made of porcelain and very fragile. As you can see most any subject can be adapted to fit on an egg and they are very popular additions to collections or to be given as gifts. These eggs range in price from $4 to $45 depending on the size and design.


"Christmas Eggs"

This group of eggs shows the Santa and Mrs Santa in two different size eggs along with a reindeer egg, snowmen eggs and angel eggs. These have been very popular with folks who collect Santas and as gifts for Santa collectors.